Are All-White Kitchens and Quartz Countertops Still in Style?

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Are you dreaming of an all-white kitchen replete with matching quartz countertops, but are concerned that they have gone out of style? Fear not. It is truly a timeless look.

White Kitchens and Countertops will Always Be on Trend

As long as we enjoy preparing meals in a bright, clean space, white kitchens will continue to grace homes in the Toledo and Perrysburg area. The neutral main color makes it easy to switch up decor as fads come and go without changing up your cabinets and counters.

Find a Dark Granite or Quartz to Bring Added Pop to Your White Cabinets

When you want to break up your white design with extra depth, think about adding darker countertops in a rich granite of textured gray, brown, and sparkling quartz crystals. The granite helps to delineate work surfaces and gives your eyes a place to focus while taking in your stunning design.

Explore the Subtle Shades of Gray Found in Granite

Whether you are searching for a dramatic accent or simply an understated contrast for your white walls and flooring, you can find granite in a range of grays to suit your tastes. Some are fairly light and help to refract overhead lighting. Others incorporate hints of blue and rust to anchor your choices in tile.

Pick the Perfect White Quartz Countertop

If you are on the hunt for a seamless white surface with no veins or inclusions, quartz will be the premier countertop choice. As a man made surface, the amount of colorant can be controlled to deliver a flawless white that will last until the kitchen’s next remodel.

Choose the Countertops that Make You Smile

Ultimately, which quartz or granite countertops you select should be the one that gets you excited to prepare your next meal. Design trends come and go and may not complement your personal style. White or blue or rustic–the choice is entirely up to you.

Discover the Right Match in Our Countertop Showroom

If you want to see just how a granite countertop will work with a white kitchen, come on down to The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH. Our kitchen design experts are available to help you select the mix of finishes destined for your Toledo or Perrysburg home that will warm your soul for years to come.

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