Best Indian Wicket Keepers of All Time

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 Cricket news is, thus, led by India because the country’s favourite sport has also made some of best players in recent history. From Sachin Tendulkar to Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team has always been a prominent force on the world cricket map. However, it is hard to ignore the contribution that wicketkeepers make towards Indian cricket. One of the most important positions in cricket is that of wicket keeping as per cricket news. During the years, India has created some of the best weavers in world.

Let’s analyse some best of the Indian wicketkeepers ever.

  1. MS Dhoni

Popularly known as Ms Dhoni, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is indubitably one of the best wicketkeepers that ever played for India. Due to his remarkable wicket-keeping skills and composed attitude on the field, Dhoni has turned into a legend.

For his career in wicket-keeping, Dhoni has been awarded many awards like ICC ODI Player of the Year award – 2008, 2013. Moreover, he has led the Indian cricket team to numerous wins such as the 2007 ICC World Twenty20; The Asia Cups in both its editions of namely 2-1 and four times requiring a superior run rate prior. He has made 192 stumpings and amassed a total of 631 catches throughout his career.

  1. Syеd Kirmani

The other legendary wicketkeeper who has played for India is Syed Kirmani. He is known for his extraordinary wicket-keeping skills and also lower order batting capabilities. From 1976–86, Kirmani was part of the winning Indian cricket team at the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1983 while representing them. He took 160 catches and stumped thrice out of the total number of test matches, which amounts to 88.

  1. Nayan Mongia

The second wicketkeeper to have a positive effect on Indian cricket is Nayan Mongia. Between 1994 and 2001, he played in the Indian cricket team known for his enormous wicket-keeping talent. He gathered 128 catches and 21 stumpings in his international playing career of the total test matches (44). He was a great tail-end batsman and he played an important role in India winning the 1998 Independence Cup.

  1. Farokh Enginееr

Farokh Engineer is a former Indian wicketkeeper who played for the Indian cricket team between 1961 and 175. Engineer was known for his outstanding wicket-keeping as well the attacking batting. Farokh Engineer was one of the best wicket-keeping batsmen who played at that time.

He played in 46 test matches where he made 16 stumpings and complemented with the total of about catches amounting to sixty-six. He was renowned as a vicious hitter and an acrobat behind the stumps.

  1. Kiran Morе

Another Indian wicketkeeper is Kiran More. He played for the Indian cricket team from 1984 to retiring in 1993, being one of greatest wicket-keepers of his time. Even in the lower order, More was also a useful batsman who scored runs for some important innings of India.

In his 49 test matches, he made 130 catches and stumped out two batsmen. He was also made the chairman of Indian cricket team’s selection committee for his exceptional leadership qualities.

  1. Parthiv Patеl

When he received his Test debut in 2002, Gujarati Parthiv Patel was the youngest wicketkeeper of all times. He played 53 games with the Indian cricket team involving 73 innings in ODI, T20 as well IPL. Unlike his last ODI against New Zealand that was played in 2012, Patеl’s last Test match took place two years later when he confronted South Africa.

  1. Wriddhiman Saha

Despite being hailed for his wicket keeping acumen, Wriddhiman Saha did not get many opportunities due to Dhoni’s captaincy. However, Saha had a proper career after Dhoni retired from cricket in 2014. In 48 games and innings of play, he got wickets with receiving a total of 122 dismissals (109 catches, as well as stumping for stays thereof). Indian cricket owes a great deal to Saha.

  1. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid, the former Indian Karnataka team captain dominated test match batting. Despite having not been a good wicketkeeper, Rahul Dravid would always be there with the team. Between 1999 and 2004, he was the wicketkeeper for Team India in One Day Internationals. He took 84 wickets in 72 innings with a total of 13 stumping and catches out at seventy-one.

Aside from his cricketing feats, he has left a mark as the coach of India’s U -19 team. Indian cricket’s impact was deep as Dravid got demolished 86 times while working the wicketkeeper.

  1. Chandrakant Pandit

The top batsman and wicketkeeper of Maharashtra Chandrakant Pandit represented the Indian cricket team in 36 One-Day Internationals, five Test matches. After he retired from cricket, Pandit became a coach and headed the teams of Mumbai as well as Vidarbha. Also, he managed the junior selection committee that was all Indians and had 28 stumpings to his name.

  1. Rishabh Pant

Rishabh pant was born in the age of batsmen wicketkeepers. He is currently India’s best wicketkeeper in Tests and ODIs. After MS Dhoni retired as a wicketkeeper, Pant became India’s first choice in ODIs. He also started taking wickets in Test matches instead of Wriddhiman Saha. Pant has taken 152 wickets in his career, out of which he has stumped out 78 players while doing so within the span of about one hundred and six (106) innings.

  1. KL Rahul

Currently, the favourite wicketkeeper batsman in India is Rahul. Although, he was regarded as a top-order batsman, regular wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant wasn’t fit for the 2020–21 tour of Australia so Rahul became their keeper. Despite the fact that Rahul was not a regular wicketkeeper previous, he adapted quickly and did marvellous work behind the stumps.

So far, he has been doing well in the 2023 World Cup and Twenty-Twenty Internationals. KL Rahul, of Mangalore origins in the State of Karnataka is one rising cricketers nowadays. He is politely addressed as KL Rahul. Rahul wrapped up his 17 dismissals in a World Cup, including sixteen catches and one stumping.

These are some of the best Indian wicketkeepers of all times. Besides helping Indian cricket, they have also left their mark on the global cricket landscape. Cricket lovers will always remember these bonds and the passionate dedication to the game.

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