Roxtec Cable Entry Systems from Excel Automation

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Excel Automation has been a distributor of industrial automation products for more than 30 years. They acquired Eagle Sensors in 2017, further cementing their position as a leader in the industry. One of their popular offerings is Roxtec cable entry systems.

You can choose standard kits for enclosures and cable entry systems. They are used in many industries, including telecom, wind, solar, rail, marine, and construction industries.

Most of the cable glands offered by Roxtec are dust and water tight. They have a rating of IP67 and NEMA 4X.

Roxtec MultiDiameter Sealing Systems

Roxtec uses a one of a kind multidiameter sealing system. Rather than needing entry seals to fit the exact diameter of the cable, Roxtec uses just a few sizes. They offer a total of 6 sizes to fit a wide variety of cable sizes.

This makes it simple to choose the correct cable seal, without knowing the diameter of the cable. It also greatly reduces the inventory needed. This can reduce storage space, and make maintenance tasks easier and faster.

How Roxtec Entry Seals Work

Roxtec uses a multi layered sealing module. It has two half segments which seal the cable or pipe. This system allows the sealing module to accept a variety of cable and pipe diameters.

They offer two options. Kit solutions and custom solutions.

Kit Solutions

Kit solutions are typically used for electrical enclosures. They are offered as a package, and can be ordered by part number. This makes choosing the correct part easy. You can also choose from metallic or non-metallic frames.

Some items are designed to accommodate one cable or pipe. However, the majority of them can accommodate multiple cables or pipes.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are designed especially to fit the needs of your application. Choosing the correct product requires understanding the application, the present needs of the customer, and the future needs of the user.

During the selection process, relevant questions will be asked. This will help to ensure the optimum outcome. Roxtec offers many frame designs, sizes, and materials to choose from. Frames are offered in several options. These include primed milled steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Custom solutions are made to order. Typically, you can expect a turnaround time of one to two weeks. Some solutions allow the frames to open and be installed around cables or pipes that are already installed.

You can also choose from different frame-securing options. The frames can be attached by bolting, welding, or self-expansion. They can also be attached to a wall or barrier.

Port Options

You can choose cable glands that have more ports than are currently needed. This allows you to easily add more cables later on. This keeps your project looking neat and clean. They also make efficient use of space, allowing cables to pass through the smallest possible area.

Excel Automation offers a wide variety of automation solutions, including Roxtec cable glands. Contact us today to learn more about our products, and how we can meet your needs.

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