Recipe and Benefits of the Starbucks Medicine Ball: Unlocking its Secrets

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For those looking for a calming and energising beverage, the Starbucks Medicine Ball has developed into a cherished secret menu item. This hot beverage is a concoction of tea, honey, lemon, and a dash of magic and is also known as the Honey Citrus Mint Tea. We’ll examine the history and appeal of the Starbucks Medicine Ball in this article, as well as the ingredients and potential health advantages of this drink’s popular mix. Join us on a quest to uncover the mysteries of the Starbucks Medicine Ball, whether you are a regular customer of the coffee chain or are just interested about this trending drink.

Origins and Popularity: The Starbucks Medicine Ball first became well-known through social media as a “secret menu” item that was only available to a select group of devoted consumers who had learned about its therapeutic benefits. According to legend, the beverage gained popularity after a customer requested a special concoction of teas and other ingredients to relieve a sore throat. Other Starbucks customers quickly learned about this innovation and started asking for it by name, which eventually led to its inclusion on various Starbucks menus as the “Medicine Ball.” Despite having a modest name, this drink has a cult following because of how soothing and energising it is.

The Recipe

Although the specific formula for the Medicine Ball has never been made public by Starbucks, devoted baristas and enthusiasts have reverse-engineered it to produce their own variations. A recipe that closely resembles the original Starbucks Medicine Ball can be found below:


one hot cup of water

1 bag of green tea

1 bag of chamomile tea

1 teaspoon of honey

Lemon juice from a half

a couple of new mint leaves


Water is boiled, then poured into a big cup.

To the mug, add the green tea and chamomile tea bags.

Depending on the strength you want from your tea, steep the bags for 3 to 5 minutes.

Take out the tea bags, then fill the mug with honey.

Half a lemon’s juice should be squeezed into the mug and thoroughly mixed.

Use fresh mint leaves as a garnish.

Before enjoying, let the beverage cool for a few minutes.

Benefits to health:

The components in the Starbucks Medicine Ball may have health benefits in addition to its pleasant flavour profile. The antioxidant qualities of green tea and chamomile tea are well-known for helping to shield the body from damage caused by dangerous free radicals. These teas may also aid in immune system health, reduce inflammation, and relaxation.

A sore throat or cough might be relieved with honey, a natural sweetener utilised in the Medicine Ball that has antimicrobial characteristics. Furthermore, it provides a hint of sweetness without the use of refined sugars.

Vitamin C, which is abundant in lemon juice and stimulates collagen formation and immunological function. The beverage gains a revitalising tang as a result. Additionally, the scent of fresh mint leaves can help with digestion and have a calming impact on the mind.

The Honey Citrus Mint Tea, popularly known as the Starbucks Medicine Ball, has won many people’s hearts and taste buds. This miraculous mixture has become a favourite among both tea lovers and Starbucks devotees, whether you drink it for its calming effects, its flavour, or its potential health advantages. With the knowledge of its essential ingredients, you can now make the Starbucks Medicine Ball in the comfort of your own house, even though the actual formula may remain a secret. So make a cup for yourself, enjoy the aromatic blend, and allow the flavours to carry you to a state of complete calm and wellbeing.

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